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Maggie Durbas Uthita-Hasta-PadangusthasanaYoga is a highly experiential activity or pursuit which may be why some people find it hard to explain why they love it so much. There are many misconceptions regarding what yoga is.

Yoga means UNION or YOKE; union of mind, body & spirit. Yoga helps you bring these aspects of yourself into harmony and balance leading to a deep sense of well-being and peace.

Yoga is a philosophy and a lifestyle which is compatible with any religion or belief system. Many find it naturally deepens their spirituality, enhancing their sense of connection with something bigger than the self. (God, Spirit, Source, Universe, Nature, Higher Power etc)

If you choose to practice regularly not only will your body become more flexible, so will your mind. As you open your mind to the philosophy of yoga you will become more open to life’s possibilities – your thinking starts to expand. As the body becomes more flexible, holding less tension, there is often an increase in energy flow and creative thought. As healing energy circulates within you, you will find yourself changing from the inside out.

Practicing yoga is NOT about performance or competition. It is NOT about doing each pose perfectly. It IS about connecting with yourself on every level with an attitude of kindness, compassion and care. It is about tuning-in, learning to listen to your body, becoming aware of what you need; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It is about nurturing and loving yourself as a whole person. Many experience a shift in attitude toward their body, letting go of feelings of frustration with their physical limitations. They start to befriend the body. As this attitude blossoms you may find yourself naturally making better food choices; less attracted to unhealthy things in general. You start to soften and appreciate the sacredness of all living things – the light in you starts to shine a little brighter and more clearly day by day.

The “REAL YOU” – most of us have spent our lives identifying our sense of “self” with our physical body. Yoga helps open our awareness to the fact that there is something more to us than our physical existence. This non-physical “you” bears many names depending on one’s philosophy. The term is not important, what is important is getting in touch with your “deeper self”, that part of you, your “essence”, which exists beyond time and space, is limitless, perfectly wise, perfectly happy and complete. During the quiet stillness of meditation or the deep relaxation of Savasana many of us are able to connect with our deeper, inner self to get a taste of who we really are.

Online Resource

Yoga Journal has a fabulous website where you can learn a great deal about the many facets of yoga. Here is the link to their page.


Maggie-Durbas-Assisting-Child-PoseWe love new students and students who have been away for a while.  Our seasoned, caring instructors will help you feel comfortable no matter what your experience or fitness level.  Our studio atmosphere is warm and inviting… a place where you will be valued as a unique individual.

Bring your mat if you have one, or borrow one of ours. We provide the rest…blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows and so on.  We suggest you wear stretchy, comfy clothing and be prepared to take your socks off….yoga is best practiced with bare feet. You will have the optimal experience if you practice on a relatively empty stomach.  We suggest a nutritious snack two hours or so before class.

If this is your first yoga experience, let go of your preconceived notions of what doing yoga is like and come with an open mind.  You will be delighted!



  • If you are just getting started: Any Gentle Yoga class, Vinyasa Yoga (Level 1)
  • If you want flowing movement with options given to increase or decrease intensity: Vinyasa Yoga — Start with Level 1 and work your way up
  • If you have practiced yoga for awhile and want to move beyond the Basics: Vinyasa Yoga (Level 2 or Level 2/3)
  • If you want a strong focus on strengthening: Vinyasa Yoga (any level) or Gentle Yoga for Strength
  • If you want a class that is relaxing, healing and moves slowly: Any Gentle Yoga class, Vinyasa Yoga (Level 1)
  • If you are interested in cultivating mindfulness: Gentle Yoga with Meditation
  • If you want to receive one-on-one orientation, develop a personal practice, improve alignment and form, or progress more quickly to challenging poses, or your are recovering from surgery or injury: Private Instruction

Let us help you navigate the choices! Call us at 860-680-1482 for guidance.

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