Greg Ott

Greg is an avid cyclist, runner, and skier who has been practicing yoga for seven years. He accidentally discovered yoga while taking a break from strength training. Within six weeks he discovered that, through yoga alone, he had increased strength, developed more flexibility and was less stressed. In 2016, he completed his 200-hour certification with Maggie Durbas and Robin Kirsch.

He is registered with Yoga Alliance and is a member of Yoga International.

Greg continues to participate in workshops and classes monthly.

Greg is passionate about bringing yoga to men and woman of all ages. His classes are about exploring movement within our bodies and understanding anatomical details that may make a difference in developing strength, deepening flexibility and increasing balance. Over the years, he has developed a deep appreciation for the benefits of yoga: better health, a calmer mind, awareness of one’s self, and much more.

Greg’s classes are a journey into calming one’s mind, exploring poses in new ways, discovering one’s limits, understanding who we are, on our mats and off, and taking time to enjoy the moment. He encourages his students to use their practice to discover something about their mind, body, and inner spirit which they can translate meaningfully into their daily lives.

Each class is part of a bigger process of discovery.

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