Earth Day is this Saturday.  I like to think of it as Mother Earth’s birthday which then inspires me to do something special for her.   If you haven’t already agreed to go pick up garbage or plant trees, shrubs or flowers, here are five easy-peasy ideas you can start doing to benefit all of us.

  1. Buy a reusable glass water bottle and commit to not purchasing any more bottled water. The plastic on those bottles contaminates the water inside, especially when the bottle gets cold or hot.  And did you know that last year the average American used 167 disposable water bottles but only recycled 38?!  Here’s a reusable water bottle which allows you to brew your own tea or even make ice coffee…I love mine!  🙂
  2. Snip the plastic six-pack rings on cans you buy. Marine life, birds and mammals get their heads stuck inside the rings and either suffocate or starve to death.  Better yet, don’t buy anything that comes in a can with six-pack rings or in a plastic bottle.  It’s probably toxic for you anyway… did you know that Coca-Cola produces over 100 billion throwaway plastic bottles each year?
  3. Purchase some reusable bags to keep with you in your car or purse. Use them for your trip to the market rather than using the plastic or paper bags provided.  I use mine for purchasing most anything, except maybe a new piece of furniture.  After you unload the bags at home, fold them up and put them in your bag or car so you have them for the next trip.  I have a couple of reusable bags that my son gave me, and I love them.
  4. Bring your old electronics (tvs, computers, stereos, speakers, radios, phones) to an electronic recycling warehouse. Green Monster Ecycle is located in West Hartford and they take it all, free of charge!
  5. Don’t throw away single use batteries!  You can recycle them but be sure to put tape on both ends.  This is in case the batteries are not completely “dead” and they come in contact with each other, which can cause a fire.  Here’s a site with a lot more information on recycling single use batteries.  Welden Hardware on Station Street in Simsbury has a recycling program for dead batteries… that’s where I bring all of the batteries from the studio and home.

I’d love to know any suggestions you have.  Thanks for pitching in and helping take care of our home!!

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