Yoga, like other organized activities, has an etiquette all its own.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a Miss Yoga Manners to show us the ropes.  Most of us learn as we go but here are a few simple guidelines.  Whether you are a new or seasoned yoga student, remember: “In the beginner’s mind, the possibilities are many. In the expert’s, they are few.”

  • If possible, please preregister for your class. This helps us know which class to put in which room and you’ll earn Reward Points, too!
  • Please do your best to get to the studio a few minutes before class begins. This will give you time to check in, get settled, gather your props, say hello to friends, and use the restroom. If you are running late, please wait in the reception area until the opening meditation has concluded.
  • We believe that yoga is about taking a time out to go inward and the only way to truly do that is to disconnect. It is best for everyone if you leave your cell phone in your car. If you are concerned about missing an important call, set your phone to vibrate, leave it in the reception area, and step out periodically to check on it. If you really must be available to instantly answer a call during class time, please consider another class.
  • Once you’ve set up your mat, please be flexible about moving. Think of it like taking your place on an elevator: as others step in, we must shift to make room. If there’s a reason you need a particular spot, such as difficulty hearing or seeing, please tell your teacher.  S/he’ll be happy to make sure you’re set up where you need to be.
  • A yoga mat is a very small, very sacred space. Please don’t step on others’ mats without permission, not even the ones they borrow from the studio.
  • If you’ve borrowed a studio mat, please clean it with a rag and spray before returning it to the closet. There are rags and spray located in each studio.  You may leave the rag so it can be used again.
  • Are you a chalk user? Please take a rag from the front of the room to wipe up any dust on the floor.
  • If you must leave early, please do so before savasana begins.
  • If a fellow student sneezes in the middle of savasana, simply bless them mentally, rather than blurting out “God bless you.”
  • Everyone likes to walk in to a beautiful space. Please help your teacher tidy the studio after your class.  Put your props away neatly.  Not sure how to fold a blanket?  Here’s a little hint to remember: hot dog, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger.  Long way first, then short.  Ask us for a demonstration…we’re happy to teach you!
  • Low voices in the reception area after class, please. There may be another class still taking place, or a private session in the healing room.
  • Avoid wearing fragrances and body lotions to class. Some of your fellow students might be allergic or simply find some fragrances unpleasant.  And the same lotion that makes your hands soft will cause your hands to be slippery on the mat.




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